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- Certified commercial boat operator with or without boat.

  (22’ west-coast crew style work boat)

- Certified commercial diver/supervisor.

- Scuba/surface supply survey diving.

- Scuba video survey.

  (diver to diver to surface voice communications available for all scuba activities)

- Topside guided scuba video surveys.

- Towed underwater surveys with GPS overlay and digital video recording.

- Professional underwater photography.


   More services available on request…. 

Marine - Diving Services

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Fried egg jelly
Fried egg jelly

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Dark eye goby
Dark eye goby

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Fried egg jelly
Fried egg jelly

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Services Available

  • Scientific Research Surveys

  • Environmental Surveys

  • Specimen Collection

  • Search and Recovery Operations

  • General Dock and Moorings Maintenance

Equipment Available

  • 22’ Survey boat “Klanawa”(capable of ruff sea operations)                                                                                    

  • Boat can be used for surveying - dive platform - drone platform

  • 4-way underwater communication system

  • Portable dive (HP) compressor

  • Towed drop camera with GPS overlay

  • Electic hauler (for lifting underwater weight)

  • Lift bags

  • Etc..

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